Hire Employees in Peru: Remote Hiring Guide

Tap into Peru’s work landscape, top sectors, and hiring trends and learn how to hire compliantly.

Hire Employees in Peru: Remote Hiring Guide

Tap into Peru’s work landscape, top sectors, and hiring trends and learn how to hire compliantly.



Time Zone

UTC -5
(-1 hour EST)

Hub Cities

Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Trujillo and Chiclayo.

Top Sectors

Mining & Metallurgy, Agriculture and Services.


PEN (Peruvian Sol)
1 USD = 3.76 PEN
(as of May 2024)

English Literacy

Ranked 9th
in Latin America



Time Zone

UTC -5 (-1 hour EST)

Risk free hiring

Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Trujillo and Chiclayo.

Top Sectors

Mining & Metallurgy, Agriculture and Services.


PEN (Peruvian Sol)
1 USD = 3.76 PEN (as of May 2024)

English Literacy

Ranked 9th in Latin America

In recent years, remote work has gained significant popularity globally. As companies increasingly recognize the benefits of remote talent, Peru has emerged as a promising market for those looking to expand their virtual teams. If you are considering incorporating remote Peruvian talent, this guide aims to provide you with an overview of what you need to know to hire in Peru: key considerations, popular roles, salary perceptions, and essential tips for finding, hiring, and retaining your remote Peruvian team.

Workplace Landscape in Peru

Peru, known for its vibrant culture and strong work ethic, is embracing hybrid and remote work. Companies are open to hiring remote talent, recognizing the boost in productivity and the flexibility it offers for employees. The startup and innovation ecosystem in the Peruvian workplace is experiencing significant growth and transformation. Peru’s startup scene, particularly in sectors like fintech, is thriving with a noted annual growth rate of 20.9% since 2021. This sector alone has expanded to 193 fintech companies by 2023, indicating a robust and dynamic market​ Peru, with a population of over 34 million, has a developing innovation system with a focus on tech startups and governmental support in STEM education improvement. It stands out for its diverse and creative talent in key areas such as IT, software development, digital marketing, and e-commerce, enhancing its global competitiveness.

Peru has experienced a growth of over 25% in tech startups in the last five years, impacting significantly the demand for tech roles.

The most demanded areas in Perú are software development, data science & analysis, AI & ML, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.


In Peru, as businesses digitize, there’s a growing need for software developers and engineers skilled in Python and JavaScript to build and maintain apps and systems.

Workspace Landscape in Peru


Talent Hubs in Peru

Remote Roles to Hire in Peru

Review Potential Candidates in Peru

Labor Laws in Peru

How to Hire Talent in Peru

Holidays in Peru

Labor Costs in Peru vs USA

How to Pay Talent in Peru

Start Hiring Remote Peruvian Talent

Characteristics of Peruvian Talent

Remote Employment Growth

In Peru, tech & development, digital marketing, and administrative support are great for remote work due to high demand and the digital revolution.

Exceptional Education Levels

In the last five years, over 60% of Peru’s higher education institutions have modernized their IT and computer science programs, leading to a 30% increase in STEM-related university course enrollments since 2015 as more students choose tech careers.

Top Cities Proficient in English

While English proficiency is generally lower in Peru, Lima and Trujillo have more English-skilled professionals, boosting adaptability in the global work scene.

Talent Hubs in Peru

To achieve successful hiring in Peru, it is crucial to focus your search on cities exhibiting specific innovation trends in various sectors. Consider the following:

Lima: Peru’s primary hub for finance, commerce, and technology, attracting IT and digital marketing professionals with its vibrant startup ecosystem.

Arequipa: City with a growing technology landscape alongside its established manufacturing sector, driven by local universities and lower operational costs.

Cusco: Known for tourism, Cusco is expanding into tech with digital services that cater to its cultural and tourist industries.

Trujillo: With a developing tech sector around its agricultural base, it focuses on agri-tech and software development.

Chiclayo: As a commercial and financial center, Chiclayo is increasingly interested in tech, especially in digitalizing commerce and finance.

Cultural Considerations of Peruvian Talent

When collaborating with Peruvian talent, it’s essential to understand their formal but warm communication style and the emphasis on building trust through personal relationships. The professional environment values a blend of formality with a strong community spirit. Additionally, offering job stability and professional development opportunities is crucial for engaging Peruvian employees. Clear career paths, educational programs, and respecting Peru’s culture and customs enhance retention and the workplace environment.

Remote Roles to Hire in Peru

When considering remote hiring in Peru, certain roles stand out as particularly suitable for remote work, such as:

  • Software Developer
  • Graphic Designer Digital
  • Marketer Customer
  • Support Representative
  • Data Analyst
  • IT Consultant
  • Content Writer
  • Web Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Accountant

Review Potential Candidates in Peru

Labor Laws in Peru

Peru has robust labor laws designed to protect workers’ rights. If considering hiring staff in Peru, it is crucial to be familiar with and comply with the following regulations:

Salary Payment: New employees’ salaries are typically determined through individual employment contracts, commonly paid every month.

Minimum Wage: Currently, the minimum wage in Peru is $267 USD per month. It is recommended to offer significantly more competitive salaries than the local average.

Holidays: National holidays in Peru consist of 12 days per year, including Labor Day and Peru’s Independence Day.

Overtime Pay: Employees are entitled to receive compensation for overtime hours if they work more than 48 hours in a standard six-day workweek.

Vacation Rights: After 12 months of work, employees are entitled to up to 30 days of paid vacation, generally taken consecutively.

13th Salary: All workers in Peru are entitled to receive two additional salaries, commonly known as gratifications. These are equivalent to one full month’s salary each and are paid in July to coincide with Peru’s National Independence Day and in December for Christmas.

Social Security Benefits: The social security system in Peru includes healthcare, pension contributions, family allowance, maternity and paternity leave benefits, and more.

By diligently complying with these labor regulations, you can ensure a fair and favorable working environment for both your employees and your business.

How to Hire Talent in Peru

When considering hiring in Peru, it is crucial to understand the different options available and the legal implications involved. Here are three effective ways to hire in Peru:

1. EOR (Employer of Record)

Delegate formal employment management, including payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance, to Lupa, especially valuable in countries like Peru with intricate labor laws. Focus on workforce management while Lupa handles salary and benefits negotiations.

2. Contractor

Choose contractors for flexibility and potential savings, but be wary of legal complexities in Peru. Lupa’s tailored approach ensures compliance and seamless contractor hiring.

3. Staffing Model

Partner with Lupa to streamline recruitment and HR tasks, offering an efficient and scalable solution for global expansion plans.

At Lupa, we specialize in helping you hire new talent with three proven methods. Our goal is to offer you a seamless, risk-free hiring experience that provides peace of mind. With our 120-day guarantee, you can trust that if the hired candidate falls short, you’ll receive a free replacement.

Holidays in Peru

To ensure respect for Peru’s culture and customs, it is important to consider providing days off on the following 12 national holidays in Peru:

January 1: New Year

March 28: Maundy Thursday

March 29: Good Friday

May 1: Labor Day

June 29: Saint Peter and Saint Paul

July 28: Independence Day

July 29: Independence Day Holiday

August 30: Santa Rosa de Lima

October 8: Battle of Angamos

November 1: All Saints Day

December 8: Immaculate Conception Day

December 25: Christmas

By providing this time for employees to celebrate and honor these significant dates, you will strengthen an inclusive and respectful work environment that acknowledges local traditions.

Labor Costs in Peru vs. USA

When hiring remote talent in Peru, U.S. companies can enjoy significant savings and greater workforce flexibility, improving operations and stimulating business growth. Here is the annual average salary in Peru for highlighted remote roles compared to costs in the United States:

Career areas
Technology and Data
$20 - 80k
$50 - 150k
Marketing and Sales
$12 - 60k
$30 - 90k
Finance and Accounting
$15 - 55k
$40 - 120k
Human Resources
$10 - 50k
$30 - 80k

How to Pay Talent in Peru

Paying remote Peruvian employees as a U.S. company involves navigating fluctuating exchange rates, Peru’s banking system, and adhering to both countries’ regulations:

Bank transfers

A direct and simple payment method to any personal bank account, but it may involve high fees and longer processing times.


PayPal offers fast and secure transactions internationally, but it may have relatively high fees and unfavorable exchange rates.


Payoneer is a financial platform that provides online money transfers and digital payments, often used with freelancers and contractors.

Global payroll providers

Deel, Ontop, and Oyster offer competitive exchange rates, lower fees, faster processing times, and transparent fee structures.


Like Bitcoin or Ethereum offer decentralization and potentially lower fees, but their regulatory concerns may not suit all employees.


Wise offers cheaper international money transfers compared to traditional banks by using real exchange rates and low fees.

Start hiring remote Peruvian talent with Lupa

Hiring Peruvian employees can diversify your team and boost your Latin American operations. However, cultural knowledge is critical to successfully navigate the hiring process in this country. At Lupa, we excel in aiding US companies hiring in Peru, to swiftly recruit, interview, and onboard remote talent throughout Latin America, including Peru, without any complications or risks.

Our team of experienced recruiters has a deep understanding of the unique requirements of remote contractors and the vast talent pool in Latin America. Using an automated approach and our expansive talent network, we ensure that you find the best fit for your needs in tech, finance, marketing, or other sectors.

For further guidance on compliant hiring practices in Peru, read our related articles or schedule a consultation with our experts for personalized assistance.